Fruits & Vegetables


Application in Post-Harvest Fruits &Vegetables

fruit_FullCapsicum 2tomatoe

Product Description Klorsafe is a two part system which is to be mixed together at the point of use. Klorsafe contains an additive which is FDA cleared [21CFR173.32(e) & (g)] for use as an antimicrobial agent on raw agricultural commodities in the preparing, packing or holding of the food for commercial purposes and as an antimicrobial and as an antimicrobial agent in the water applied to processed fruits and vegetables.
Function Applied as a dip or spray on raw agricultural commodities to decontaminate the produce from bacterial pathogens. Produce can become contaminated with foodborne pathogens during growing, harvesting procedures and distribution. Water, soil and manure are potential source of foodborne bacterial and protozoan pathogens. Applied to processed fruits and vegetables as a component of a spray or dip solution. Note : For processed leafy vegetables (i.e., vegetables other than root, tuber, bulb, legume, fruiting and cucurbit vegetables) and vegetables in the Brassica [Cole] family, application must be by dip treatment only.
Use-levels 5 – 12 ml/L reacted Klorsafe @ pH 2.3 – 2.9


Applicable for:

  • Raw agricultural commodities
  • Processed fruits and processed roots, tuber, bulb, legume, fruiting (i.e. eggplant, groundcherry, peppino, pepper, tomatillo and tomato), and cucurbit vegetables


  1. Raw Agricultural Commodities : Treatment with reacted Klorsafe shall be followed by potable water rinse or by blanching, cooking or canning.
  2. Processed fruits and processed vegetables (except leafy vegetables) : Treatment with reacted Klorsafe shall be followed by potable water rinse and a 24-hour holding period prior to consumption.

Useful references :

21 CFR173.325

Application of Acidified Sodium Chlorite Prewashing Treatment to Improve the Food Hygiene of Lightly Fermented Vegetables


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