Klorsafe500 – Disinfectant for Swine Industry

Klorsafe500 is a Broad Spectrum Oxidising Biocide disinfectant. Safe and effective use in husbandry industry for disinfection of equipment, barns and environment, and also deodorization of animal droplets. It is biodegradable, making it an environment friendly sanitizer.

Klorsafe500 is a two parts chemical system, when reacted producing a strong oxidant chlorous compound. The biocide system is approved by FDA and EPA as a safe sanitizer. It is extensively used in various industries such as food processing plant, animal farms, disinfecting meat and poultry, controlling odour, washing fruit and vegetables, as well as, treating municipal water.

It is more powerful as an oxidizing biocide than chlorine and chlorine-type disinfectants. Klorsafe500 is effective against a wide range of microorganisms including coliform, salmonella, listeria, E. coli and viruses.

Klorsafe500 Applications in Swine Industry

The importance of drinking water quality for the production and performance of pigs is often overlooked. Pigs consume 4 to 6 times as much water as feed. Sows consume as much as 10 gallons of water per day. Without an adequate supply of good quality water, pig growth and reproduction may suffer.

Water can be a source of contamination if the microbiological load in the water is too high. This can affect digestion and absorption of nutrients from the feed, as well as additives like medications, vaccines and vitamins. Health problems caused by drinking contaminated water include diarrhea, salmonella, listeria, transmissible gastroenteritis, pneumonia, typhoid, cholera and hepatitis.

Routine drinking water additives, like vaccines and vitamins contribute to a polysaccharide layer (known as slime) inside the drinking lines. Waterborne bacteria flourish within this layer and are difficult to kill as they are encased within the slime. Unlike Klorsafe500, most water treatments and disinfectants, including chlorine, cannot penetrate and eliminate the slime.

Weaning pensWeaning pens 2

Prevention and control of disease in livestock husbandry can make a tremendous difference to overall performance of young stock.

Scours (diarrhea) is often a problem with baby pigs. Sanitation is extremely important to reduce the incidence of piglet scours. The use of untreated water in open water troughs may lead to the introduction of pathogens coming from the water supplies and faecal contamination.

The temperature and humidity of bedded pens,  will create a breeding ground for bacteria. Reacted Klorsafe500 can be effectively applied in these areas to remove this bacterial contamination.

Bedding straw sanitation is achieved using Klorsafe500 to reduce challenge as a result of reduced surface bacteria contamination.

Farrowing SowsFarrowing sows 3

Farrow crate sanitation is an important part of any good livestock husbandry bio-security programme. Klorsafe500 can be applied to provide excellent sanitation without causing distress to stock.

Where & when to use Klorsafe500

  • Well water and drinking water treatment
  • Potable water treatment with excellent slime control
  • Disinfectant in boots bathsDisinfect Farm Equipment
  • Facilities sanitation: walls, floors, ceiling, equipment, fogging
  • Disinfect footwear of workers and visitors before entering and on leaving animal housing area
  • Disinfect trucks for transportation of pigs

Klorsafe500 Application

Use site

Method of application

Application rate


Disinfection of swine pens Use commercial sprayer to saturate all surfaces 300-500 ppm Remove all animals and feed. Thoroughly clean all surfaces before spraying.
Control for odour and slime forming bacteria Use commercial sprayer to saturate all surfaces 1000 ppm Thoroughly clean all surfaces
Swine drinking water Add to water 5 ppm
To deodorize swin holding rooms, sick rooms, morgues and work rooms Spray on surfaces 200-500ppm Clean surfaces and rinse with water
Disinfection of equipment, footwear and vehicles. Spray on surfaces 200-500ppm Clean surfaces and rinse with water before applying disinfectant.

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