Klorsafe – Application in Agriculture

There are many uses of Klorsafe in the field of agricultural post harvest, animal husbandry and horticulture.

  • Disinfection of agricultural storage facilities
    • Containers, trailers, rail cars, vesselstomatoes
  • Rinsing of Vegetables and Fruits
  • Mushroom Facilities
    • Food contact – stainless steel tanks, transfer lines, on-line equipment, picking baskets
    • Nonfood contact – disinfect walls ceilings and floors
  • Potato FacilitiesHolland_Potato
    • Food Contact – rinse tanks, transfer lines, handling equipment, flumes, humidification water
    • Nonfood Contact – walls, ceilings floors, planting and harvesting equipment and truck beds disinfection

  • Disinfection of Animal Confinement Facilities Poultry Farm
  • Goat Farmlembu
  • Poultry houses, swine pens, calf barns and kennels
  • Egg room/hatching area, incubator room, tray washing room, loading platform, chick room, chick grading box Chicks
  • Shoe bath and hand dip for livestock workers
  • Livestock drinking water
  • Disinfection of Animal transport VehiclesImage000
  • Disinfection of Horticulture work area and toolsgreenhouse

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